2020: Year of Transformation

2020 is a year of transformation when outworn structures leave
our lives to make way for a new hopeful tomorrow. There are eclipse
shifts and multiple retrogrades in 2020, and, at years’ end the
`great conjunction’ of Jupiter Saturn which heralds a new
social-economic-cycle which will ultimately define a new world. A
few highlights of the year will be reviewed as follows.happynewyear2020

Astrological cycles are like waves whose ripples start gathering
momentum and finally peak at a time called a culmination. A
planetary cycles’ significance is measured, in part, by its’
yearly trip around the sun. The slower the orbit, and the further
the planet is from the sun, the stronger the affect. One such
culmination occurs as we welcome the new decade; January 12th,
2020. This is when Pluto, Saturn, Ceres, the Sun and Mercury, align
at the 22nd degree of Capricorn. World affairs and individual
destinies will experience a shift.chartcapricornlineup

Whenever one sees the two `great malefics’, Saturn and Pluto,
aligned one expects that transformation is just a breath away.
Saturn is the planet of structure, rules and limits. Blending its
energy with the mysterious, intense destructive gifts of Pluto
creates an alchemy of change, suggesting the end of a matter. This
depends on where the conjunction activates an individual’s chart.
The `ending’ culminates at the January 12th conjunction but has
been developing for years. Like a wave, the first ripples of this
slow and steady shift in individual and collective consciousness
began with the first entry of Pluto and Saturn into the sign of
Capricorn. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, and, Saturn at the end
of 2017.

Back in 2008, the world’s economic structure collapsed. There
was a recovery, but the imminent threat of long-term world
inflationary practices loomed in the collective’s consciousness.
When might the next financial shoe drop? And since 2017, Saturn has
illuminated how shaky our society’s structures truly are;
banking, organized religion, and the ultimate organizations;
governments. There is growing mistrust (Pluto) of the very social
structures (Saturn) we have been indoctrinated to believe are our
caretakers. With this conjunction comes a conclusion; release the
old ways to make room for the new.

In what arena of life have you struggled in the past twelve

Adding to that timeline is a Saturnian focus over the past 24
months whereby you’ve been diligently trying to problem solve and
release a set of chains in your life. Wherever Saturn falls in
one’s chart consciousness follow.  Saturn and Pluto signify the
primal emotion of `fear’; the type which curdles our blood and
terrifies our soul. Capricorn isn’t the easiest of energies to
navigate either. Capricorn represents the area where we persevere
no matter hardships we face. You could say that in everyone’s
life, especially since the Pluto ingress of 2008 there’s been a
desire to get past the bone-weariness of life’s limits and
‘keep on keeping on’ like a good soldier.

And speaking of soldiers…the sabian symbol of the Capricorn
Conjunction is a most evocative one. Sabian symbols are the
esoterically derived `word messages derived for each of the 360
degrees of the circular astrological wheel. The sabian symbol for
this conjunction is; `A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in

You may ask yourselves in what area have you been the `good
soldier’ muscling through a challenging situation. Might you
desire recognition for effort, hard work and perseverance? This is
the symbol of appreciation and criticism. Who in our lives deserves
an award for bravery? Capricorn is the sign of achievement; explore
your successes and failures. Most of all, surrender and release the
failures. The surrender image of this 2020 Capricorn alignment is
yet another theme.cancerimage


The second conjunction relevant to mid-January is the Jupiter
alignment with the south lunar node. The wisdom of the expansive
Jupiter archetype helps us see what needs to be released
emotionally. Emotions are the purview of the lunar nodes. The south
node in Capricorn points to what is holding us back based upon the
meaning of the zodiacal sign. Capricorn’s shadow side is fear.
It’s essential as the new year unfolds, that we release the toxic
emotions of fear, judgement, and despair.saturngrumpyoldman

For the past two years we have experienced the nodal shifts in
the signs of Capricorn and Cancer. The lunar nodes represent two
sides of the same coin; Cancer is about belonging and security
within our personal lives while Capricorn is the outer world
security which reflects one’s achievement and standing in the
world. The January lunar eclipse of the tenth assists us in
releasing a two-year conflict between what we feel we need and what
we want to achieve. The lunar eclipse is like a turbo charged full
moon helping us to experience our emotions from a renewed place of

2020 is the year when we move from the dichotomy of balancing
issues of security (Cancer) with that of authority (Capricorn) to
the lunar nodes of Gemini and Sagittarius. The Gemini/Sagittarius
polarity is about the dance of communication, information and
exchange, ultimately leading to wisdom. Consider the eclipse times
to be doorways of change. The war of words will be played out
against this communicative background just in time for the US
presidential election! Hold on to your minds, as, the eclipses will
highlight all manner of rhetoric (Gemini) leading to truth
(Sagittarius). The dynamic between these two energies is that truth
is based on the facts at hand. Data (Gemini) feeds intellectual
conclusions (Sagittarius). Since the north node will be in the sign
of Gemini, we might expect that new facts emerge in 2020 which can
shake our preconceptions about what’s `true.’nodesglyphs

Dates of the solar/lunar eclipses are as follow:

  • Lunar: 1/10-(4:21pm EST) Cancer @ 20


  • Lunar: 6/5-(5:21pm EDT) Sagittarius @ 15


  • Solar: 6/21-(2:41am EDT) Cancer @ 1


  • Lunar: 7/5-(12:44 am EDT) Cancer @ 13


  • Lunar: 11/30 (4:29 am EDT) Gemini @ 8


  • Solar: 12/14 (11:16 pm EDT) Sagittarius @ 23



Retrogrades are periods when the planet’s, from earth’s
perspective, seem to be moving`backwards.’ There are times when
we use the `re’ words to explain the planet’s action like
redo,remember, reflect, reconsider. In 2020 there are two unique
periods when both the social/personal planets, Venus and Mars are
in retrograde.marsvenusglyphs
Venus, the planet of values, finance,love and beauty retrogrades
from May 13th until June 25th. During that period it would be
advisable to avoid making sweeping financial changes, marry, or
make radical changes in one’s image such as a `makeover.’ Mars
is the planet of assertion, physical energy, and s****l expression.
As it retrogrades from September 9th through November 11th avoid
regrettable displays of anger, elective surgery or decisions about
intimate partnerships.


The most infamous of the retrogrades is the one connected to the
planet of communication and connections, Mercury. Public opinion
erroneously regards these regular intervals as times of
catastrophe. Mercury is retrograde a third of the time, making this
as common as sleep! The best use of a mercury retrograde time is to
analyze and research(another `re’ word) ideas which are near and
dear to your heart. Common astrological precautions include
avoiding decisions which reflect the common Mercury associations
such as commerce, contracts, transportation and communication. It
is a great time for reflective activities such as meditation and
retreat. The Mercury retrograde dates for 2020 are; February
18th-March 9th, June 19th – July 11th, and Octobermercury-retrograde-july-2019th
-November 2nd.


Life will reflect the richness of the astrological twists and
turns of 2020. As the year begins, we

release fear associated with the unfolding cycle in Capricorn,
the sign of socio-political power.

This will clear the way to the next great cycle in Aquarius,
which will define the next twenty years of the world economy; the
Great Conjunction of December 21st. Jupiter, the energy of
expansion and optimism conjuncts with Saturn the planet of
restriction and caution at 0 degreeschartjupitersaturn

of Aquarius. The sabian symbol is `an old adobe mission in
California.’ The symbol speaks of

`crystallizing ideals’; blending the old elements of spiritual
teaching with the new. Furthermore,

the energy of the Great Conjunction is in Aquarius, the sign of
the `people’, as opposed to Capricorn’s control of the people
through structure.

Identify where Aquarius falls in your chart. This is where you
will establish new patterns which unfold over the next twenty
years. Aquarius 0 invites us to be innovative, eclectic, bold in
thought, and above all, honest. Ever the humanitarian, Aquarius
reflects a `power to the people’  movement which will impact the
way we do business. The Aquarius conjunction will reflect a world
economy which could dial into a new monetary system such as digital
currency. Biotech,high energy technology, and industries we
haven’t yet imagined, foreshadows the future.


To summarize, let’s apply a `cookbook’ style of astrological
analysis. The `transform goals’specifically apply to the first
half of 2020. The `establish goals refer to the workings of the
Great Conjunction at the end of the year. Apply your sun or rising
sign to the following:


Aries: Transform fear of success into a new career or, a new way
of handling old responsibilities. Establish a new form of
creativity and joy which includes romantic stirrings.

Taurus: Transform fear of knowledge into personal teaching,
writing and traveling. Establish a new career and embrace new

Gemini: Transform fear of death & intimacy into fearlessness
based upon spiritual alignment. Establish a new set of
philosophical precepts as you embrace new adventures.

Cancer: Transform fear of relationships into new stronger
connections. Establish a new relationship with power, finances and

Leo: Transform fear of illness and insecurity regarding work
into practical strategies for success. Establish new relationships
with people who allow you freedom of expression.

Virgo: Transform fear of not having enough `fun’ into making
`fun’ a priority. Establish new work and health habits which may
include complimentary health practices.

Libra: Transform fear of personal security into a more abundant
personal life. Establish new leisure/fun activities which could
include romance and tapping into your creativity.

Scorpio: Transform negative thinking and speech and the fear of
‘lost time.’ Establish a new home which reflects your

Sagittarius: Transform fear of self-worth and financial lack
into a more abundant cash flow.  Establish new habits of positive
thinking and personal expression.

Capricorn: Transform fear of failure into becoming your best
self; authentic and grounded in your personal power. Establish a
new relationship with money.

Aquarius: Transform fear of the unknown into alignment with
inner guidance. Establish a new you; image, motivations and

Pisces: Transform social anxiety into embracing a new friendship
circle. Establish a new spiritual inner GPS which is based upon
your alignment with personal beliefs.

Have a blessed new year! Happy 2020!

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Source: FS – All – Astrology
2020: Year of Transformation