Apple's best-kept secret is its refurbished Mac store, where you can get the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro for almost $400 off

apple 16 inch macbook pro refurbished store

  • Apple’s refurbished store is the best place to get Apple
    devices for several hundreds less than if you bought them brand
  • I’ve only bought a MacBook Pro in 2017 from Apple’s refurbished
    Mac store, but the experience was so good that I recommend it to
    anyone who asks. 
  • Most recently, Apple’s latest 16-inch MacBook Pros appeared in
    the refurbished store, and it’s the best way to get this laptop
    without paying the full price of a brand new unit. 
  • $360 might not seem like much of a discount when you spend over
    $2,000 on a new laptop, but there’s a lot of stuff you can buy for
    that cash. Or, just save it!
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Ever since I bought a laptop from
Apple’s refurbished store in 2017
, I’ve maintained that it’s
the best place to buy your next Apple computer.

Recently, Apple’s latest
16-inch MacBook
finally became available refurbished, and it’s the best way
to get this laptop for cheaper than brand new, and in perfect

At the time of writing, the cheapest
refurbished 16-inch MacBook Pro can be had for $2,040
— it’s
the base model that comes with Intel’s Core i7, 16 GB of RAM, and
512 GB of storage. And, of course, it comes with Apple’s improved
keyboard rather than the poorly-received butterfly keyboard. A
brand new, unused version of the same model would cost you

It’s not a massive discount, but it’s still $360 in your bank
account. You can get yourself a pair of AirPods Pro with the money
you saved by going refurbished. Or even an iPad! Better yet, save
the cash.

refurbished store
is exactly what it sounds like — it’s a
store online where you can find pre-owned Apple devices that have
been refurbished by Apple itself, and those devices cost a little
less than if you bought them brand new. 

From my admittedly limited experience, Apple does a very good
job of refurbishing their devices. When I opened up my refurbished
laptop, there was no indication that it was pre-owned. It was in
immaculate condition, and apart from the
well-reported issues about Apple’s butterfly keyboards
, my Mac
laptop is working perfectly. 

I also got the one-year standard warranty that new laptops come
with, which was how I was able to get the faulty butterfly keyboard
fixed for free. Twice. 

One thing to consider is that there’s no guarantee that Apple’s
refurbished store has the model you want. It all depends on how
many previous owners return their Apple devices. But so far, it
seems like there’s quite a wide variety of 16-inch MacBook Pros
with various spec configurations.

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Apple's best-kept secret is its refurbished Mac store, where you can get the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro for almost 0 off