Bless’er House Holiday Glow Preset Launch!

Today is the day!!!

I’ve been hinting at a set of Bless’er House Presets for
Christmas lights for weeks now, and no one is more surprised than
me that I finally got my act together over here.

If you want to make your Christmas photos of your home, your
tree, and your loved ones surrounded by Christmas lights all glowy
and bright to celebrate this special time of year, the Bless’er
House Holiday Glow Presets are here to help!

You can snag the Bless’er House Holiday Glow Preset Pack here:

This is a project I’ve been working on ever since last
Christmas when I decided to DIY
Regan and Olivia’s Christmas portraits
in front of our

By the way, if you want to learn how to take your own family’s
Christmas portraits, here
is a tutorial to help
. So many of these tips can be done with a
cell phone or a DSLR camera, whichever you prefer. I flip flop
between both.

The Holiday Glow Presets can be used on the free
Adobe Lightroom Mobile app
version here
) or the paid Lightroom
Desktop version

If you’ve never heard of presets, they’re essentially photo
editing settings to help you improve the look of your pictures at
the click of a button.

These presets are ones that I made and have used myself at
Christmas for the past couple of years, and they never fail to add
a dose of Christmas light magic to my photos.

I’ve included 8 presets in the Holiday Glow Preset
Pack, and they’ll be 30% off from now until Tuesday, December 10
at 11:59pm EST.

Here are the presets: Bless’er House Merry

To add a slight punch of golden color and make Christmas lights

Bless’er House Wonder Preset

To make soft, dreamy photos of little ones’ faces around the
Christmas tree

Bless’er House Bright Preset

To make whites whiter and lights brighter – this preset works
beautifully in candlelight too.

Bless’er House Twinkle Preset

To lift shadows, sharpen details, and add vibrance

Bless’er House Candlelight Preset

Specifically designed to make candles glow while adding light on

Bless’er House Night Preset

Use this preset on nighttime shots of your tree to add balanced
light and cool tones but with an extra boost of green.

Bless’er House Twilight Preset

To add an ethereal, soft glow to nighttime photos

Whether you’re a mom wanting to take better photos of your
kids at Christmas or a blogger wanting to amp up your photography
of your home, projects, and recipes during the holidays, I hope
these help you meet those goals.


1. Presets can be applied to your images using Adobe Lightroom
Desktop and the Lightroom Mobile app.

2. If you don’t have Lightroom, you can get the free
Lightroom app for your phone here
version here
) or the paid desktop version here.

The cool thing is if you purchase a Creative Cloud account (I
pay $9.99 per month for mine), it will sync your desktop and mobile
versions together so that you can edit photos from anywhere. BUT
the app by itself is still free, if you prefer to keep things
simple without a CC account.

3. After buying your presets, you will get an email with a link
to download them right in your inbox (check your spam folder, just
to be safe, if it doesn’t show up within 30 minutes). If the
download doesn’t work at first when you click the link, try
opening the link into your browser.

4. Follow the instructions in the zip folder after purchase for
how to install your presets. Or
follow this how-to here. 

5. Once you purchase, the sale is final.

If you have any problems getting them to work, I will do my best
to help, but it’s just little me juggling everything I can over
here, so please be patient.

I hope you love them as much as I do! The Holiday Glow Preset
Pack is 30% off until Tuesday, December 10 at 11:59pm to celebrate
the launch.


Need help installing them? Here’s a quick guide about
to Install Lightroom Presets

If you edit any photos using the presets, share them on
Instagram with the tag #BlesserHousePresets so I can mention

I can’t wait to see what you do with them. Happy

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Bless’er House Holiday Glow Preset Launch!
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Bless’er House Holiday Glow Preset Launch!