Christmas Bedroom Tour

Merry Christmas Eve! So I’m a few hours away from hosting our
family Christmas, and while scrubbing all the things I usually
don’t scrub I realized I never posted about my Christmas bedroom
decor. Fail, Ashley….fail. Anyway, let’s get right to it,
because this Christmas enchilada soup isn’t going to make

So if you have been around for a while then you have probably
noticed I have never been into seasonal decorating. You would think
I would love it, since….you know….I’ve been writing a
decorating blog for eight years now. But no, I can’t do it. The
thought of putting up seasonal decor has always made me grimace. I
think it’s because (and I’ve said this before) that we have
always lived in homes that are under construction, and added
seasonal decor to a home without flooring or cabinets just feels
like putting lipstick on a pig.

Plus I have four kids, so adding more stuff around my house when
there is already so much stuff everywhere makes me twitchy. There
is also the time involved…all that time putting it up and taking
it down could be better spent on a project that moves us towards
our goals. Baah humbug, right? This turns around, I promise.

In my head I’ve told myself that when our house is finished I
will love seasonal decor. I’ve never known if that was true or
not, but this year I can confirm that I was, in fact, correct. Adam
and I have finished our bedroom, it’s beautiful, and the kids
don’t leave their stuff in here. So when Christmas rolled around
this year I got excited about the idea of decorating the stink out
of our bedroom.

So decorate it I did, and I love it. The decor in here is
simple, turns it doesn’t take a lot to make an already pretty
finished room feel festive. I simply added a few (okay, six) glowy
flocked trees and accents of red. Boom, Christmas.

Turns out I’m totally going to become a seasonal decorator
when all the house projects are complete. I mean, look how

By the way…the Christmas decor in the rest of our house looks
terrible. Look at our tree…3/4 the lights are burned out, and I
let my boys put all the ornaments on and never even thought about
fixing it.



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Y’all…I don’t think our Christmas tree is going to make it to
Christmas 😂 #fadingfast #darkereveryday #prelittreeproblems

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Ashley | Domestic Imperfection
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22, 2019 at 7:50pm PST

And no one can reach the top to bother putting a star up there,
haha. But my boys think it’s beautiful, and that’s what really

(And yes, that is totally a bone on the top right of that photo.
My boys found it outside and thought it would look great on the
tree. Man I love boys!)

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas Decor Source List

  • Pre-lit flocked Christmas trees – Wayfair (2ft3ft4ft5ft)
  • Throw Pillow – Target
  • Red Knitted throw – Wayfair
  • Glass trees – Target
  • Nativity – Willow
  • Beaded garland – Hobby Lobby
  • Joy to the World banner – DIY
  • White berry wreath – Amazon
  • Prelit garland – Home Depot
  • Flocked grapevine trees – Hobby Lobby

Master Bedroom Source List


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