Coronavirus: Watch Bay Area TV meteorologists work from home

The coronavirus outbreak has not only upended our daily routines
and created all sorts of social havoc, it has given us some
previously unimaginable visuals.

Like a TV meteorologist delivering her report next to a dog. (It
was actually kind of cute).

Yes, our friendly local weather reporters have been forced to
practice social distancing and work from home. The result is some
very offbeat TV imagery.

Over the years, we’ve grown accustomed to watching our weather
men and women stand in front of massive maps — or in the middle
of a howling Lake Tahoe blizzard — while they yammer on about
cold fronts, jet streams and gale warnings.

But now they’re coming to us from a cozy corner of their
cribs, in front of flower vases, bookcases, open doors, fireplaces,
etc. etc.

The upside of all this? They’re not infecting anyone. …
Also, they can make a fridge run when needed.

As for the viewers, well maybe we can learn a little more about
these forecasters based on their taste in household decor.

Have a look:

KPIX’s Mary Lee

KTVU’s Steve Paulson

KNTV’s Jeff Ranieri


My BF’s sweet dog CAIRO is the perfect,
little weather helper! He made his TV debut on our @KPIXtv
Morning Show. 🐶💕#kpix



— Mary Lee (@MaryKPIX)
March 26, 2020


Source: FS – All – Interesting – Lifestyle
Coronavirus: Watch Bay Area TV meteorologists work from home