Court charges Nancy Ajram’s husband with intruder’s murder 

Thu, 2020-01-16 14:44

DUBAI: Lebanese public prosecutor, Judge Ghada Aoun, has charged
Fadi Al-Hashem, the husband of the singer Nancy Ajram, with the
murder of the intruder who broke into their Beirut property on Jan.
5, according to National News Agency. 

Celebrity dentist, Al-Hashem, is accused of shooting dead the
masked intruder, who broke into their home in the early hours of
the morning. The dentist said the assailant was threatening his
family – including his three daughters.

But the judge said that if it could be proven that Al-Hashem
acted in self-defense, then the charge of murder could be


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According to National News Agency. Al-Hashem’s lawyer said:
“And Al-Hashem’s act of legitimate defense is described in
accordance with what is stipulated in the Lebanese Penal

A warrant was initially issued for the arrest of Al-Hashem on
Jan. 5, but he was later released after investigations, as the case
was treated as “self-defense.” 

Initial CCTV footage from the celebrity couple’s home appeared
to show what was believed to be an intruder carrying a gun in the
villa. Al-Hashem then appeared and chased the deceased, firing his
gun as the intruder ran towards their daughter’s bedroom.

MTV Lebanon has since reported that the Syrian intruder,
Mohammed Hassan Al-Moussa, 30, was shot 16 times. 


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“Before anything, Fadi is a father and a husband. He has
responsibilities. He is a human being… It was a normal reaction
to the threat he experienced,” Ajram said in conversation
with LBCI
News on Jan. 7.

She revealed that the couple’s children, aged 10, eight and one,
were asleep during the ordeal. “The children were in their rooms
sleeping. They did not see what happened, but they woke up and
heard everything,” she shared. 

During the interview, Ajram also opened up about how she hid in
the bathroom when she realized there was an intruder in her

“I heard Fadi telling him ‘whatever you want.’ When I
heard this sentence, I knew the intruder was a robber and I ran to
the bathroom with my phone.

“I called my father first because I was scared… I was
shaking and I was in a state that I can’t describe to anyone. I
called my father and told him ‘dad there is a thief in the
house… do something now, Fadi and I and the children are

The singer also denied claims that the assailant was known to
the family, stating “We do not know the intruder and he does not
work with us.”

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Court charges Nancy Ajram’s husband with intruder’s murder