Dear Abby: I’m angry that my parents never sued over my childhood injury

DEAR ABBY: When I was a junior in high school,
I sustained a neck injury (at school) that damaged my spinal cord.
I recovered mostly from that, but I have residual weakness in my
right side and severe neck pain. I was able to work until, at 57, I
had to go on disability.


Because of that, my financial situation is difficult,
increasingly so now that my wife will be retiring.

At the time of my injury, my parents didn’t sue the school,
although clearly the school was responsible. I was too young and
certainly in no shape to address the situation.

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A lawyer approached my parents at the time, and my physician
stated my injuries would limit my long-term work abilities and
drastically affect my life. My parents were aware that I would have
limited work years, thus affecting my financial situation. I feel
anger toward them because of their inaction regarding my injury and
not suing the school.

I see them once or twice a week, and I’m wondering if I should
bring this up to them now. They’re in their mid-80s but are quite
lively and take care of themselves. It consumes my thoughts each
time I visit them, but I’ve said nothing. Do you think I should
bring this up to them?


DEAR INJURED: Yes, I do. You deserve to know
why they were so apathetic in taking care of your welfare — and
they should be made aware of the impact it has had on your life. It
may be too late to sue the school for what happened to you, but at
least you will have some answers.

DEAR ABBY: I am suffering from postpartum
depression while trying to reconcile with my husband, “Derek.”
He had several emotional affairs during my recent pregnancy, as
well as after I gave birth.

His parents attacked me about the postpartum. I was hospitalized
for a week because of it, but they said it was an act. Recently,
his mom texted him saying he should use my mental illness as
grounds to divorce me. I texted her, asking her to stop attacking
me that way. She responded, calling me a devil, saying she’s
always hated me. Now she’s turning his entire family against me,
spreading vicious lies. She even accused me of trying to sleep with
my father-in-law, which Derek knows is ridiculous.

I have asked Derek to address the situation, but what else can I
do? I’m no longer comfortable around his parents or sending my
children to be around them. I don’t want Derek to be in an
awkward position, but it’s not fair for me to be attacked with
malicious lies because of her jealousy — especially 12 years in.
Please help.


DEAR DISRESPECTED: You may be suffering from
postpartum depression, but your mother-in-law appears to have more
problems than you do. I don’t envy you for being her target, or
your husband for having to buffer you.

It might be helpful if the two of you consult a licensed mental
health provider to figure out how to deal with her, if that’s
possible. And Derek should waste no time letting the rest of the
family know that none of what his mother is saying is true.

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Dear Abby: I’m angry that my parents never sued over my childhood injury