How ADHD may impact your s*x life

How ADHD may impact your s*x life

This year Mashable is celebrating the season of love with Horny on Main, an exploration of the many ways that thirsting for s*x affects our lives.

For Nayeli, a 27-year-old with ADHD living in Pennsylvania, kink and BDSM is the only reason she has a functioning s*x life. 

Nayeli and her wife, a he/him non-binary lesbian, have a dom/sub dynamic. For her, this makes s*x easier because it allows her to focus.

“My wife lets me use my cellphone during s*x [because] I have adhd AND he likes when I ignore him anyway,” she told me over Twitter DM. “But it’s [because] I can’t focus.” 

Sophia, a 26-year-old bisexual woman, also mentioned that BDSM activities helping her focus. “I… suspect that I like being choked and spanked because it reduces my area of focus to just the s****l,” she said, “but idk for sure.” Read more…

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How ADHD may impact your s*x life