How to easily refluff a flat ottoman, pouf or bean bag

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I shared this refluffing tip on myInstagram stories
the other day and had so many people respond, I figured I should
share it here! It’s a pretty easy fix.

I got these ottomans for our family room last year and we LOVE

How to fluff up a sad, flat ottoman
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You can find the neutral
poufs/ottomans here
We keep them under the coffee table and I’ve been really happy
with them. But like anything that’s filled with foam, they start to
lose their fullness over time. The foam gets crushed, so a full
ottoman or pouf will start to shrink. 
I like mine as fluffy as possible, so I wanted to fill them
back up! Our ottomans have a nice cover with a zipper at the
bottom. There’s an insert with the foam inside that I had to open
seam ripper to open seams
A seam ripper is super
helpful for this part! It makes quick work of opening this
I ordered foam filler online
— there was a TON! I have plenty left for future
Foam pellets to fill ottoman or bean bag
We used a cup and scooped it into the insert…slowly. This
stuff will go all over if you’re not careful. 
These larger foam pellets were pretty easy to work with
How to refill ottoman with foam pellets
Once I had them as full as possible, I hand sewed the inserts
closed. That’s it! 
Just look at the difference! 
how to refluff ottomans or poufs
SO much better! These decorative poufs are usually not cheap
— refluffing will give them a much longer life. 
It took me about an hour to fill them back up. Now they look
like they did when we got them!:
ottomans under coffee table living room
This fix works on any ottoman, cushion or pouf filled with
foam pellets. And of course, bean bags! In a couple years I’ll
probably have to do it again, but as you can see, we have plenty.
Do you have a sad, flat ottoman that needs some fluff? 
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How to easily refluff a flat ottoman, pouf or bean