Jupiter Enters Capricorn



Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2nd at 1:20 PM
. Jupiter is expansion, optimism, beliefs and ideals.
Capricorn is reality and limits. Combine the two and you get
focused growth and solid gains. But also, expansion of existing
fears, blockages or the misuse of authority. 

Jupiter increases everything. 

Technically, Jupiter is also in its fall in Capricorn (it’s
supposed to be weak in this sign) but I’m not worried about this.
In my opinion, you’ll have to work harder for growth in the
Capricorn area of your chart (and the growth you do see will be
focused) but that’s not a bad thing. You’ll appreciate the
opportunities more.

So. The essence of this transit is working with your current
reality in order to make gains. There will be opportunities, but
they will demand your commitment. If you do the work and play by
the rules, you can receive concrete rewards. What’s the most you
can do with your current reality? Think big, and then commit. If
you ignore reality or do nothing, you’ll get nothing or
(depending on how Jupiter is aspecting your chart) you’ll see
exaggerated fears and a confrontation with limits. 

This is about proving beliefs and backing up promises with
responsible effort. Stories will also have to be proven, or else
they’ll be discarded. The time for unfounded optimism or the
grand sales pitch is over. Note that Jupiter is also about
religion (spirituality in a man-made context) and when moving
through hierarchical Capricorn, there might be some interesting
developments in how beliefs/religious traditions impact your

Jupiter will exit Capricorn for Aquarius on December
19th, 2020
. So that’s just over a year’s worth of
solid growth and real opportunities to learn, teach or expand your
structure, status, authority.

This also means there’s going to be a significant pile
up in Capricorn, because Saturn and Pluto are already occupying
this sign. On January 12th 2020, Saturn will unite with Pluto, at
22 degrees Capricorn. This will be a fusion of authority and
power, and the start of a new cycle, triggering a rebuild (the fall
of old authority and the birth of new authority). Or, for those who
have been working their butts off and doing it right, a
confirmation of their power.

I published a PDF about this a while ago (a house by
house analysis of how Saturn/Pluto might impact your chart-you need
to know your birth time). If you haven’t already purchased
a link.

Source: FS – All – Astrology
Jupiter Enters Capricorn