Kuwaiti influencer faces investigation for promoting 'coronavirus test'

Tue, 2020-03-24 19:28

CAIRO: Kuwaiti social media influencer Fouz Al-Fahad has been
referred to the public prosecutor after promoting to her followers
a device she claimed detects the new coronavirus.
Media reports said the Kuwaiti health ministry had referred
Al-Fahad to the general prosecution for investigation after she
promoted the product on social media.
The influencer shared a video of herself holding the product which
she claimed can be used at home to detect the new Covid-19 virus,
with an accuracy of 95 percent.
Al-Fahad later deleted the video, and then shared a new story
saying she was not promoting the product and did not mention its
brand name or price. 
Kuwaiti lawyer Bashar Al-Nassar revealed in an interview, news
channel Etbilarabi reported that the influencer could face a
one-year jail term and could be fined up to 1,000 Kuwaiti dinars in
“When you show a device and describe its properties, then this is
an advertisement for the product, and this is prohibited by the
health ministry,” the lawyer said. 
The 29-year-old fashion influencer announced last week that she
married a Kuwaiti businessman. 
But Al-Fahad revealed that a lot of the couple’s plans were
abandoned amid the coronavirus pandemic.
“We had a lot of plans prepared that we had to cancel because we
have to abide by the country’s laws and, of course, we want
everyone’s safety,” she said in a Snapchat video. 
In recent weeks, Kuwait has enforced a string of precautionary
measures to contain the spread of the infectious disease.

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Kuwaiti influencer faces investigation for promoting 'coronavirus test'