Modern DIY Trellis Designs

My DIY project for the weekend is to build a planter box with
trellis to support a climbing vine, and I think I’ll stain it
black. Last year I built some
vegetable trellises
and before that a
criss cross wall trellis
. I still have them both and they still
function and look amazing!

April is the perfect time of year to tackle yet another DIY
trellis! I was thinking something simple with a modern geometric
design, so I went in search of inspiration. Y’all know me though,
I had to share my research with you. Most of these are DIY
projects, but a few are for purchase. These include simple designs
and more intricate geometrics, but all so good!

simple trellis
simple trellis and planter box
criss cross wall trellis

chinese pinwheel
/ honeycomb
/ mid
century trellis

wood & wire trellis
cedar and wire
/ mod

art deco (source unknown) / cedar
  /  modern white

Source: FS – All – Decorations – Home Decor
Modern DIY Trellis Designs