Our Tiny Home Office Reveal!

So I finally have the office reveal post finished, but I can’t
just dive in and show you the finished product without addressing
the elephant in the room. Ummm….what he heck is life these days?
I feel like I’m living in a history book. My kids school is
canceled, Adam is working from home, everything is closed, I
can’t see my friends or family, and I’m on week three (Four?
Seventeen?) of being at home with my kids. You would think these
circumstances would lead to me cranking out the projects and blog
posts, but no goals are being achieved over here, we are just
surviving. How are y’all holding up? Tell me things. Talk to me
in the comments. I miss people. More specifically, I miss people I
didn’t give birth to…I’m all good on hanging out with people
that once lived in my stomach.

Anyway… let’s move on to a more upbeat topic. Check out the
finished office! (You
can read the first part of this room makeover here

small home office

I’m thrilled with the way this room turned out. I love every
aspect of it…the colors, textures, the huge window and natural
light, and the size. I was never really worried that this space was
too small…but I was never worried that it was too big either. I
mean, 42 square feet isn’t exactly roomy.

tiny home office

The blueprints showed it having one large wrap around desk, but
we decided to go a different direction and make two small desks on
either side.

small home office ideas

tiny home office with two desks

They aren’t really desks though, just a floating wooden
countertop (tutorial
) and a file cabinet pushed underneath. This way everything
is built-in and looks legit…but when it comes time to add
flooring we can just slide the file cabinets out of the way.

family command center

This side of the office is for family business. It’s not
picture-perfect, with its huge ugly printer and old school corded
phone, but it’s super functional. The whiteboard calendar is new for our
family, and incredibly useful. I like that all of our schedules are
in one place, and the kids like that they can look at it and see
what is coming up. Especially my second (type A) son…this has
reduced the number of questions he askes me per day for from 400 to
like 372. Although, nothing on that calendar actually happened, and
next month isn’t looking too promising either.

Minted art

Also, it hides the fusebox…which is equally important to being
functional. Clearly.

how to hide fuse box

small built in desk

Our plan was to eventually put a desktop computer here for the
kids to use. They are getting to the age where they will need it
for school, but this was they are right in the middle of the house
while on the internet and not hidden away in their rooms. This has
been moved up from “one day we will get a family computer” to
“we need a desktop computer yesterday” thanks to the
Coronavirus and doing school from home. Also, I made the mistake of
telling my kids this, so they ask me multiple times a day if I have
bought a computer yet. I haven’t. Y’all…never tell your kids
about future plans unless they are already in motion. Rookie
mistake. Don’t be an idiot.

Lord beer me strength

small home office

The file cabinets are great too. I went through all piles of
paperwork, threw away a truckload, and organized the rest. The
other drawers are full of office supplies…stuff that has had no
home for many, many years now.

best clear drawer organizers

This is how bad our organization was – my kids are constantly
looking for/asking me for kids scissors. I knew we owned plenty,
but we could never find them when they were needed for a kid craft
emergency. When we rounded them all up to put them in the drawer
organizer we had nine pairs. Nine. Ridiculous.

tiny home office

floating shelving from plywood

farmhouse home office

So that about rounds out the tour! The timing on completing this
space really couldn’t have been better if we had planned it. We
finished it right as everything was falling apart, and now that our
entire family is working/learning from home this tiny office is one
of the most used areas in our home. And that’s saying something,
because the house is being used pretty hard these days.

Office Source List


Now….talk to me. How are y’all surviving?

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Our Tiny Home Office Reveal!
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Our Tiny Home Office Reveal!