Shaving at home for men made possible and easier with barber Fayeez Alslom

Thu, 2020-03-26 19:07

DUBAI: As the region announces closure of salons and beauty
parlors, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to ask experts for
alternative ways for men to stay vibrant while

Fayeez Alslom, a barber at Dubai’s Chalk salon, shared with
Arab News tips for making shaving at home easier and safer for

The key tip for a soft, clean, and professional beard shave is
taking your time and concentrating. “You have to do it slowly and
gently to follow the line. Do not do it when you are in a rush.
Take your time because if you lose concentration at any time, you
can cut yourself,” he explained.

Fayeez Alslom is a barber at Dubai’s Chalk salon.

It is also best to use both your hands, one to hold the razor or
the clipper, and one to stretch out the skin, according to

The barber added that it is best to shave after a shower, as the
hot water and steam soften your beard and open up your pores,
making the process easier and more hygienic. 

“I’ve noticed some people (shave) dry. That’s wrong. It
affects the skin and makes it very irritated and sensitive,” he

Using products to soften the skin and the hair is critical,
Alslom added. If you have not prepared and do not have shaving
cream or foam, Alslom suggests coconut oil on your beard before
shaving to moisturize both the hair and the skin. Almond and castor
oils are also good alternatives to use. 

All you have to do to shave your hair at home is to start from the
front and slowly work backwards, he said. (Supplied)

If it is your first time shaving for yourself, Alslom advises
doing so in the same direction as the hair growth. But, he prefers
to always shave backwards: “If the hair grows downwards, then
shave downwards. If it grows upwards, shave upwards, but I suggest
(shaving) downwards,” he explained.

Do not forget to put a cold towel on your face after you are
done, to close back your pores. 

To protect yourself from the worldwide coronavirus, Alslom
suggests for men to frequently wash their beards as the virus,
according to him, can rest in your beard for up to four hours.


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When it comes to shaving your hair, Alslom said it was best to
set your electric shaver on levels one or two. “It is easier and
the hair will grow back the same,” he said. 

Despite it being a difficult task, Alslom said you can always
ask for help from your wife, mother, or children. All you, or they,
have to do is start from the front and slowly work backwards, he
said. And again, like your beard, follow the direction of the hair

If you do not have anyone to help you at home, then touch your
hair and feel for uneven parts. You can always use another mirror
to make sure your hair is the same length.

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Shaving at home for men made possible and easier with barber Fayeez Alslom