Some of the most popular DNA kits are on sale right for Black Friday at their lowest prices ever — here's a quick break down of each one

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DNA Testing 23andMe

By nature, Black
 is a day that’s very much about materialism. Consumers
flood stores and online sites in search of deals
men’s fashion
, and more. But if you’d prefer to spend your money
on experiences or learning opportunities, a DNA kit might be the
perfect way to do so.

If you’ve ever been interested in understanding more about your
ancestry or family history, right now is the best time to get a DNA
kit as many
of the best ones
are discounted for Black Friday. (Might we
add, they also make great holiday gifts for friends and

Brands like 23andMe,
AncestryDNA, and Vitagene all make easy-to-use
at-home kits that can provide results in a matter of weeks. In
addition to your family history, certain kits can assess your
health, provide useful insight to improve your fitness, or track
down historical relatives.

While many tests unveil similar data, there are key
differences between each one. Check them out below and compare
deal prices.

Looking for more deals? We’ve rounded up the best
Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals
 on the

$49 (Originally $99)
 [You save $50]

With over 1 billion family connections, AncestryDNA is the
best-selling DNA test you can buy. The service helps you discover
the people and places that made you who you are by tapping into 350
regions across the world — two times more than the next leading

The current price is the lowest it’s ever been (and possibly
ever will be). 


$99.99 (Originally $199),
available on Amazon
[You save $99.01] Save up to $70 on DNA
kits at

The 23andMe kit is one of the most in-depth at-home DNA tests
you can take. Not only will it break down your ancestry, but it
will also discover your genetic health risks for diseases like
Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, carrier traits for diseases like Cystic
Fibrosis and Sickle Cell, report on your wellness with details like
sleep patterns and lactose intolerance, and other genetic
traits. If you’re only interested in learning your ancestry you
can buy the genetics kit for half

National Geographic Geno 2.0

$55.99 (Originally $99.99),
available on Amazon
[You save $44]

The National Geographic Geno 2.0 Next Generation provides a
breakdown of your regional ancestry by percentage, going back as
500,000 years. Once your DNA sample is submitted and processed, you
can access the data via the Geno 2.0 smartphone app, where an
easy-to-understand video walks you through your ancestry. You’ll
learn about which historical relatives you could be related to.

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Some of the most popular DNA kits are on sale right for Black Friday at their lowest prices ever — here's a quick break down of each one