Stellar Insights: June 25 – July 1, 2018


 Photo by Rick Barrett via Unsplash

Photo by Rick Barrett via Unsplash

As the week begins we may find ourselves in a maelstrom of mixed messages. On one hand, reflective of the Venus/Jupiter Square, we want to make as much space as possible for socializing, beautiful experiences, and pleasure, exuberantly casting wide nets so that we can catch as much of this as we can. Yet, on the other hand, with Mars stationing, about to go retrograde on Tuesday, our pace feels slowed down and obstacles may abound if we’re moving at our “usual” speed, as it may feel disparate to the day’s natural flow. To marry these celestial missives, be diligent and disciplined in your pursuits as you turn your attention to what you can invite into your life that will carry with it concentrated value and worth.

Speaking of Mars Retrograde, the warrior planet will be in this once-every-two-year cycle, seeming to be moving in a direction reverse from its usual path, through August 27. And as Mars retraces its route, so should we, going back across territory we’ve already covered, looking to see whether there are any steps we have skipped along the way. Mars Retrograde gives us a unique vantage point from which to perceive our desires and how we act in their pursuit. It’s a great time to go back over and take a new look at Mars-oriented things in our lives, asking ourselves such questions as: Do I really still desire what it is I’ve desired? Do I adequately give voice to the things that turn me on? Are my strategies for pursuing what I want as effective as they can be? Do I efficiently use my energy or can I fuel myself in a more sustainable way? How’s my relationship with anger?

Frustrations often come during Mars Retrograde periods when we’re not going with the flow: if you’re still quickly pushing forward without reflection while Mars Retrograde is encouraging us to review and re-assess (and go slow), you could find yourself frustrated by delays, declared achievements not reached, and/or things not operating as you perceive they should (based upon how you perceive them to usually be). Allowing ourselves to go slow and learn through the power of the pause, while also assuming a new vantage point to assess things may not only be the most effective strategy but may also be key in minimizing stress and upset. Given that Mars Retrograde casts its hue for the next two months, I’ll be sharing more about it over the coming weeks.

peaking of going slow, there seems to be another source that is offering us a similar message this week, that being that on Thursday there’s a Full Moon that connects to be-diligent Saturn. As this Full Moon illuminates the sky, things may be brought to light and our awareness, notably when it comes to how responsible and productive (reflections of Capricorn, the sign of the Moon) we have been when it comes to honoring our emotions and tending to our home (reflections of Cancer, the sign of the Sun). With Saturn in Capricorn aligning with both luminaries, what may come to light may also be the consequences of past actions; if we’ve been doing the work, and focusing on the integrity of the foundations, we may find ourselves rewarded; yet, if there are weaknesses in the structure and firmament—of how we nourish ourselves and/or others, how we attend to family dynamics, how we take care of our home, our dutifulness to rules that govern how we achieve tangible goals, and the like—we may find ourselves experiencing the outcomes of this. If this is the case, and you experience frustration, also look to see what the lessons may be, just what it is that is calling for attention to be strengthened and fortified.

Mercury enters the self-expressive sign of Leo on Friday. While the planet of communication usually stays in a sign for a couple of weeks, owing to its retrograde beginning in July (yes, another planet in addition to Mars will be retrograde in the coming month/s), it will reside in Leo for two-plus months (entering Virgo on September 5). As such, we will have an immersive experience, thanks to this extensive Mercury in Leo period, of learning how to be more artistic and creative, how to not let pride get in our way of expressing ourselves, and whether we are too egoicly attached to our writings and/or designs.

As it enters Leo, Mercury makes a square to shake-it-up Uranus. We could find ourselves wanting to break out of communication confines that either we or others have imposed upon us. Thoughts may feel electrifying and we could experience out-of-the-blue ideas that seem to stream in from nowhere. That said, with the potentiality for news and/or dialogues that seem unexpected in their sourcing or outcome, we may find ourselves a bit frazzled if we’re not open to the possibility that things may evolve differently than we had perceived.

The Uranian inspiration for shake-ups and for having us be more aware of the possibility of detours isn’t something just limited to this weekend, notably as Mars traveling through early Aquarius makes three connections to Uranus. It did so on May 16, and will do so again on August 1 and September 19. Perhaps what arises this weekend is some sort of ability to give voice to the changes that are stirring you and/or find new ways to conceptualize what has been evolving and the further freedom that you’d like to adopt when it comes to re-envisioning how you pursue your desires and the things you’d like to shake up in your life.

Astrological Highlights

June 25

* Venus/Jupiter Square


June 26

* Mars Stations Retrograde


June 27

* Sun/Saturn Opposition


June 28

* Capricorn Full Moon


June 29

* Mercury Enters Leo


June 30

* Mercury/Uranus Square

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Stellar Insights: June 25 – July 1, 2018