Stellar Insights: June 29 – July 5, 2020

Photo by Joshua Koblin via Unsplash

Photo by Joshua Koblin via Unsplash

As you know, when I look to this year, I see it as one of
radical transformation. This is owing to 2020 featuring both a
Saturn/Pluto Conjunction and a Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction, both in
Capricorn, the sign that rules institutionalized structures.

The common denominator here? Pluto. It’s the planet connected
to the realms of power, control, secrets, buried treasures,
substrata, what’s hidden, essential nature, generativity, the
life/death cycle, and, inherently also, transformation.

With Saturn connecting to Pluto in its every 30-plus year
conjunction, it’s forcing us to pay attention to Plutonian
issues, and not shy our eyes from them. With Jupiter connecting to
Pluto, it’s both having these Pluto realms take up more space in
our attention as well as, ideally, having us learn great lessons
from that occurrence.

While 2020 began with the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction (exact on
January 12), all year we have periods in which the volcanic power
of Pluto is really potent, owing to the Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction
exactly occurring three times: on April 4, on June 30, and on
November 12.

So, here we are in another week in which this radical
transformation may seem like a very compelling invitation and
something that really permeates throughout personal and collective
events and realizations.

I can only imagine that we may see an elevation of awareness
related to issues having to do with dismantling structures,
evidencing the dynamics of power, calling out BS, determining
what’s essential and what’s not, understanding the depth of
resourcefulness, and/or the revealing of secrets.

While we observe these occurring in the world, it behooves us to
take an honest look at to what it stirs for us personally and how
it’s informing not only our awareness but also the powerful
actions we may want to take. Additionally, we can take the
opportunity to look to our lives through the lens of these
thematics, and seeing how we may want to further forward the
radical transformation we have been personally moving through this
year. Given this exact Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction occurs on the same
day as the Sun/Mercury Conjunction, we may find that it feels even
more emotionally nurturing to gather information and communicate
what it is that we’re learning about all of this this week;
additionally, the news cycle may seem even more active (if that’s
even possible!).

That all would make for a quite amplified week, and yet also we
have a Lunar Eclipse this coming weekend. Of course, Eclipses,
aren’t one day phenomena and so we’ve already been guided by
the illumination that this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse carries. That
said, as it does get closer, it does feel that its invitations feel
even more potent. For details about this lunation, see the article
that I wrote

But wait there’s more â˜º

On Wednesday, Saturn re/enters Capricorn, for its final
five-plus month foray in this sign. It leaped into Aquarius on
March 21, and since then we’ve been paying more attention to the
realms of collectives, online platforms, and community mores,
topics that will be a strong focus for years to come when Saturn
returns to Aquarius on December 19. Yet until then, with Saturn in
Capricorn, it seems like the taskmaster will be having us take a
concentrated look at the blueprint of businesses, financial
markets, government organization, healthcare systems, institutions
dedicated to older people, the rule of law, and the like to see if
their current structure can withstand the stress tests they are
undergoing. Additionally, in the coming months we may gain further
insights into how we collectively view and engage with realms such
as historical legacies, aging, architecture, and patriarchy. As
Saturn entered Capricorn in December of 2017, it seems that the
next months may provide us with a deeper level of understanding
related to the theme of taking responsibility for what we’ve
built and what we’re building that has taken up our awareness
since then.

All my very best,



Astrology Highlights 


June 30

  • Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction 

  • Sun/Mercury Conjunction


July 1

  • Saturn re/enters Capricorn


July 5

  • Capricorn Lunar Eclipse

All days reflect Eastern Daylight Time (- 7 hours GMT)

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Stellar Insights: June 29 – July 5, 2020