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Fri, 2020-06-26 13:38

‘Dabke System’


The first single from 47Soul’s upcoming album “Semiticsâ€
has already grabbed nearly 60,000 views on YouTube, suggesting the
trio — all of whom are of Palestinian descent — have lost none
of their momentum, despite former guitarist Hamza Arnaout leaving
the band. “Dabke System†contains the kind of infectious groove
and lyrical bite that has made the band so successful.

‘Ila Mata’

Bab’l Bluz

The French-Moroccan quartet are, according to their record
label, “reclaiming the blues for North Africa … singing words
of freedom in the Moroccan-Arabic dialect of darija.†The
pulsating bassline and Yousra Mansour’s stellar vocals on  “Ila
Mata†— lyrically inspired by Tunisian poet Anis Shoshan —
are a good start.

‘Strung Out’

Tarek Khuluki

Khuluki is best-known as the guitarist for Syrian alt-rock trio
Tanjaret Daghet. Here, he displays his knack for creating
electronic music with a stuttering, claustrophobic track that
features on the compilation album “Sera3.†In the promo
material, “Strung Out†is billed as a “dark glitchy journey
into the void of time, an atmospheric thriller that mimics the
conflict between stability and movement.â€


Jihane Bougrine

The Moroccan artist is back with an oud-driven “Moroccan Bossa
Nova rock song,†according to her label. “It’s a song about
hope, freedom, respect, love, dignity,†Bougrine said in a press
release. “I am from a diverse country where we are all different
— in tradition, in ways of speaking, in culture, and of course in
the color of our skin.â€

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THE ROUNDUP – Regional pop-culture highlights