What We Are Buying Today: Sprinkle and Sparkle bath bombs

Sat, 2020-06-27 02:17

Sprinkle and Sparkle bath bombs are the perfect way to end a
tiring week when all you want to do is spend a few hours relaxing
and giving yourself some much-earned me-time.
The best way to do that is to soak your body in a mixture of
glitter, essential oils and a scent, all guaranteed to melt away
all the stress and relax strained muscles.
Sprinkle and Sparkle bath bomb comes in a packet. The bottom of the
packet will be the powder that contains the essential oils and the
beautiful colors while the top is often dried flowers and fruits.
Instructions for use: Fill your bath with warm water, drop the bath
bomb, it will fizz and colour your bath, climb in and enjoy!
To me, the packaging is very personal. The bath bombs feel like
they are presents from loved ones, each with its own handcrafted
feel. My favorite bath bomb is called Just Love and Roses, a
beautiful collection of amber and sandalwood topped with dried rose
They also offer other body care products such as body scrubs —
their nicest smelling one is the lavender body scrub that contains
dried lavender mixed in it. The scrubs are made with natural
ingredients and leave the skin soft, fragrant and even-toned.
If you want to reward yourself or gift someone else, their gift
boxes are the go-to option.

They offer a collection of body scrubs and bath bombs or a
mixture of both. Personally, I would give someone a mixed box, so
they get the ultimate body care package.

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What We Are Buying Today: Sprinkle and Sparkle bath