What We Are Eating Today: Dokkan Joze w Loze

Sat, 2020-05-23 03:22

Dokkan Joze w Loze is a Saudi brand of caramelized nuts that
offers a range of fresh and delicious selections presented and
served in a simple yet classy way by Wedd Fayez, a passionate young
business owner who was encouraged by her family to start the
project in 2018.
Dokkan Joze w Loze offers two main caramelized nuts: Pecan and
almonds. Fayez said she uses high-quality raw American pecans and
The loud crunch that the pecans make in your mouth is really
satisfying, as is their caramelization with cinnamon or cardamom.
The caramelized nuts with cardamom add a Saudi twist to the famous
American sweet snack.
Dokkan Joze w Loze also offers Sokkari dates filled with pecan
praline — a smooth mixture of ground sweetened nuts. The pecans
caramelized with cinnamon are served in beautifully ornamented
colored bowls, jars and boxes, and are suitable for Ramadan gifts
and Eid treats.
For the health-conscious, Dokkan Joze w Loze offers two sugar- and
salt-free flavors of sweetened and rosemary almonds.
It also offers customized pecan cake, and a Hijazi traditional mix
for the famous Islamic hot drink called Talbinah, made mainly of
organic healthy ingredients such as honey, milk, barley flour and
ground almond.
To learn more about the brand, visit the Instagram account
@dokkanjozewloze. Its products are available at the Crate

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What We Are Eating Today: Dokkan Joze w Loze