What We Are Reading Today: Markets, State, and People by Diane Coyle

Thu, 2020-01-16 00:50

While economic research emphasizes the importance of
governmental institutions for growth and progress, conventional
public policy textbooks tend to focus on macroeconomic policies and
on tax-and-spend decisions. 

Markets, State, and People stresses the basics of welfare
economics and the interplay between individual and collective
choices. It fills a gap by showing how economic theory relates to
current policy questions, with a look at incentives, institutions,
and efficiency. 

How should resources in society be allocated for the most
economically efficient outcomes, and how does this sit with
society’s sense of fairness?

Diane Coyle illustrates the ways economic ideas are the product
of their historical context, and how events in turn shape economic
thought. She includes many real-world examples of policies, both
good and bad, says a review on the Princeton University Press

Readers will learn that there are no panaceas for policy
problems, but there is a practical set of theories and empirical
findings that can help policymakers navigate dilemmas and

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What We Are Reading Today: Markets, State, and People by Diane Coyle