You Can Save Big Money on Caskets at Costco, Walmart and Amazon

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Caskets are a big, expensive end-of-life purchase, but there are
ways to cut the cost without sacrificing quality.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some alternatives to
buying a casket from a funeral home, including Costco caskets,
Walmart caskets and Amazon caskets.

What You Need to Know About Shopping for a Casket

The noted American satirist Ambrose Bierce once
a funeral as “a pageant whereby we attest our respect
for the dead by enriching the undertaker.”

Though Bierce’s words were written in the 19th century, not
much has changed in the 21st. Dying is still just as expensive as
ever — perhaps even more so now that the funeral industry has
grown and consolidated to reduce competition.

Federal Trade Commission
notes the average casket costs
slightly north of $2,000. However, some mahogany, bronze or copper
caskets can sell for as much as $10,000.

But there are much cheaper options out there if you’re willing
to think outside of the pine box…

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Turns out the warehouse club where you buy just about everything
for life has something for the afterlife, too!

So how much do Costco caskets cost? Pricing starts at $899 and
goes up to $1,799.

Costco casketsCostco
caskets available on

A few of the models priced on the lower end of the scale get the
most positive reviews from Costco customers.

  • The Mother Casket by Universal – $999.99
  • In God’s Care Casket by Universal – $999.99
  • The President Casket by Prime – $899.99

Check them out for yourself here.

Finally, one of the nice things about buying Costco caskets is
that shipping is included in the price, so there are no additional
shipping charges.


As you might expect, the nation’s largest retailer has a
slightly wider selection of caskets available online than Costco

Walmart’s lineup of 15 or so caskets starts at $1,109 and
mostly stays within the $1,500 range. Many of the models are priced
right at $1,200. There’s only one solid mahogany selection that
tops $2,400.

Walmart casketsWalmart caskets on

Unfortunately, there’s much less in the way of customer
reviews of caskets on than there is on the Costco

The sole Walmart casket to get a review — an 18-gauge metal
casket by Overnight Caskets called Briar Rose Lilac — received
four stars from an anonymous Walmart customer.

While pickup is free on all Walmart caskets, you’ll pay a flat
freight handling fee of $49.97 to have it delivered to a funeral


Yes, Amazon has caskets…and at least one model is available
for free two-day delivery for Prime members.

amazon casketsAmazon
caskets on

Amazon caskets start at $899 and there are several options
available in the $1,200 price range.

You can even get a
simple biodegradable pine box for $500
with free shipping on
Amazon, which is by far the cheapest option we found.

The nice thing about shopping on Amazon — in addition to the
free shipping — is that customers actually leave lengthier
reviews so you can read what verified purchasers had to say about
the caskets.

That in itself is a good feature and should help put your mind
at ease when you’re making this delicate decision.

Here’s a look at a few reviews for the Titan
Casket – Orion White Steel Casket with White Interior
. Ninety
percent of customers gave this casket either four or five

  • “The casket was delivered earlier than expected. We are
    totally satisfied and thankful that we saved over $2,600
    dollars.” – Amazon Customer – Verified Purchase
  • “I am so thankful to the AMAZING team of customer service
    personnel at Amazon who worked for two days to make sure the casket
    was delivered in time for my mom’s funeral. During such an
    overwhelming time of grief, you want to know that everything is
    taken care of — and it certainly was! I would recommend this
    product to anyone, every time!” – Heather Norris – Verified
  • “We are very pleased!! Our funeral home is charging more then
    double. Great price and delivered in three days.” – Amazon
    Customer – Verified Purchase

amazon casket reviewsAmazon
casket reviewsFinal Thought

It might seem unusual to buy a casket online from Amazon,
through a warehouse club like Costco or from a big-box retailer
like Walmart. But you stand to save a lot of money if you can flex
in your thinking on this issue.

The best thing to do is to have a pre-need discussion with your
loved ones — whether the casket is for you or for someone

Let them know your preference if you want to purchase a cheaper
casket away from the funeral home. Having this discussion now could
help avoid difficult and costly decisions down the road.

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You Can Save Big Money on Caskets at Costco, Walmart and Amazon